The project

SUPEER project aims to facilitate and pave the way for a sustainable social inclusion among young refugees and ethnic minorities based on a new peer-to-peer intercultural concept.

The SUPEER package will combine, an intercultural mentor education and a common programme for co-creative and intercultural activities for all the young peers and participants, launched by the young peers themselves in 6 different countries. The full SUPEER methodology and activities will be documented in a professional app, the SUPEER Learning App (“LAPP”).

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We believe that bridging between youth from minority communities and young people of the local communities can make an efficient counteraction to social isolation, otherness and exclusion, but above all, it is new way to mutual intercultural learning and empowerment among peers. 

Thus, we consider the peer-to-peer approach is a new and untapped potential for a sustainable inclusion and the practice of an active citizenship among young refugees and minorities.

SUPEER team is working towards the following objectives:

To conduct a review on recent research of good practices in terms of peer-to-peer learning, empowerment,
co-creation, social capital, active citizenship.

To develop and implement an intercultural mentor programme for approx 25 young citizens from majority society. Including young descendants and migrants with a solid network, engagement and anchoring in local youth communities.

To develop and implement a network/peer-to-peer programme: ”SUPEER peer cocreation and empowerment”, including mentor/mentee matching and a common network and activity programme to intercultural exchange of experience, cultural events, learning workshops etc.

To develop an transnational peer-to-peer learning App: ”the SUPEER Lapp”, including learning programmes, notes on empowerment, active citizenship in practice etc.

Our 34 months experience with the SUPEER project


  • Overview Research and Analysis of Core Concepts
  • The intercultural mentor programme
  • The network programme
  • The SUPEER l’app

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    CLAVIS (Denmark) – Coordinator

    uniT – Arts Association at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz (Austria)

    iberika (Germany)

    CESIE (Italy)

    MAD for Europe (Spain)

    EQuIP (UK)